These 7 Ridiculously Easy Practices I Followed To Stay Healthy

They are as easy as lying on the couch and watching Netflix

Hey friends,

A few weeks ago, I had my first get-together with my local friends. And guess what the topic of conversation was?

Not relationships. Not NFTs or crypto.

To my surprise, everyone was discussing health. Pandemic has changed everyone, it seemed!

I never thought I would ever have a fitness conversation with someone who repels the topics of exercise and wellbeing. I guess we have become mature enough to move over from the discussions of human attraction and flirting.

Everyone was sharing their health secrets. How they built their bulging biceps and beefed up their pectoral muscles! I was a silent listener. I had nothing to boast about in terms of my physical appearance.

I have a lean physique. I am skinny.

But I am not ashamed of them because my body composition is normal.

The idea and definition of “healthy” for me are different. I don’t believe in getting chiseled six-eight abs or bulging biceps like Popeye.

I have a healthy BMI of 21.1, body fat of 16.1% (healthy range: Men 14-25%), bone mass of 4.2% (healthy range: Men 3–5%), the muscle mass of 79.6% (healthy range: Men 75–89% ), an average resting heart rate of 50, and a flexible body (passing the sit-and-reach test mentioned here).

I work out to only satisfy the above criteria, not to beef up my body. But I don’t do anything fancy like those fitness tips mentioned on the internet.

I neither exercise seven days a week nor do I compromise on my eating. Yet, I effortlessly maintain my physical wellness.

Here are the seven most simplistic things I regularly do to stay healthy.

1. Hula-hooping

Hula-hooping is one of the most underrated fitness exercises. I have seen no one talking about it. When I saw my eight-year-old nephew doing it, I couldn’t resist it. I couldn’t do it for a week, but my enthusiasm helped.

Now, I burn approx. 100 calories in fifteen minutes. According to, you can burn up to 200 calories in 30 minutes.

It’s the best exercise to do while watching Netflix or talking over the phone. You don’t even need to devote separate time to it. But if you do, you can blast off some hip-hop music and do it rhythmically.

Effortless workouts are easy to sustain for a long time. Anything that demands your motivation seems to wear out with time.

I never thought I could burn calories while watching “Friends!”

2. Never Go Shopping On Empty Stomach

Hunger can make you do anything. I mean anything! It can easily force you to cheat on your diet.

Studies show that people who shop on empty stomachs are more likely to buy high-calorie food than others.

I have experienced that shopping after a meal helped me cut back on my unhealthy impulse buys. That’s why I always go grocery shopping after dinners to avoid binging on carbs.

Try it this weekend, and I’m sure you’ll see the difference in the groceries you buy.

3. Don’t Eat Alone!

Eating alone can not always be fun. You may end up eating more than you should. Mulligan, a professor at the University of Toronto’s School of Public Health, says:

“When you eat alone, you’re more likely to eat standing up, you’re more likely to eat junk food and you’re less likely to think about mindful consumption.”

Not only that. Another study in Japan found that eating alone may increase the risk of depression in older adults.

I can understand that people living alone are left with no choice. I am one of them. But at least I try not to eat in front of the TV because I overeat. Also, I eat from a small dinner plate that doesn’t allow me to eat in large proportions. Smaller plates help; it’s scientifically proven by Stanford research.

4. Fidgeting

Fidget spinners were selling like hotcakes some years ago. But now, it seems like a fad as I hardly see anyone fidgeting.

Since childhood, I have had a habit of fidgeting my legs. Everyone around me bugged me for it. But I couldn’t give up on it. I am glad I didn’t because the research says,

“Fidgeting while sitting can help preserve your legs’ arteries and perhaps assist avoid vascular disease.”

Health and fitness are not always about exercising or dieting when you can reap the same benefits by doing simpler things like fidgeting. I do it all the time — in public transits, watching Netflix, and working on the computer.

5. Jumping on the Trampoline

Jumping on the trampoline is a blast!

It’s one of the best ways of exercising in a fun way.

Research shows that trampoline exercises help boost cardiovascular health, relieve stress, improve bone density, and increase endurance. It also strengthens your core muscles by working on your balance, coordination, and motor skills.

Let’s bounce!

6. Drinking Green Tea

According to research, people who consume green tea live longer, have a reduced risk of heart disease, and have a lower chance of type 2 diabetes.

I never considered green tea healthy until I read the above research.

The idea of drinking green tea might not be for everyone because of its “awful taste.” I almost puked when I drank it for the first time. But, as you continue drinking, the taste grows on your tongue.

Also, drinking green tea increases your metabolic rate because the epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) and caffeine compounds in it expedite the fat-burning process.

How effortless it is to burn some calories while sipping on some hot green tea!

7. Eat Like a Slug

We are busy people. We like doing everything fast. Eating too!

“Grab and go” is so much in fashion right now. We quickly enter into the drive-through lanes, get our favorite subway sandwich, and eat while driving. We think we’re eating healthy — green veggies, no mayo, adequate-protein, complex carb-bread. But that’s the biggest mistake!

Eating hurriedly makes us gain weight. Fast. Studies show that people who eat their meals quickly are more likely to be overweight or obese. I experimented with eating slowly and found that I ate less and didn't gain weight even by eating pizza three days in a row! (Don’t try that, you might not like pizza forever!)

If you’re a fast eater, attempt to slow down by chewing more thoroughly and taking smaller chunks.


Staying healthy doesn’t always mean exercising, gymming, or following a strict diet. Here’s a quick recap of ridiculously easy things you can do to remain insanely healthy:

  1. Hula-hooping

  2. Fidgeting

  3. Drinking green tea

  4. Never go shopping on an empty stomach

  5. Jumping on the trampoline

  6. Don’t eat alone!

  7. Eat like a slug

I’ve shared my health secrets. Try them, and I am sure you’ll see results. Let me know it goes! If you have any other effortless ways to stay fit, I’m all ears.

I hope you enjoyed reading my today’s letter as much I did writing it. If you did, don’t forget to share it with your friends and family.


Please let me know which idea from today’s letter resonated with you the most.

Thanks for reading.

Stay happy, blessed, and safe!

See you next Wednesday!

With love,

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